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Exceptional House Painting in Stockbridge, GA

As specialists in exterior and interior house painting in Stockbridge, GA, Fivestar Painting Plus aims to cater to the needs of clients with an attention to workmanship and detail that you wouldn’t doubt about hiring again.

Admire the sight of a fresh, vibrant coat of paint on your house’s exterior or interior.

Rely on a sturdy, powerful roofing and gutter system to protect you from sun, snow, rain or hail.

Appreciate the craftsmanship behind good carpentry and woodwork for your house, guaranteed to last you lifetimes to come if treated and kept right.

Step onto neatly, evenly installed flooring inside your home whether it be kitchen or bathroom tiles or living room floors.

All this and more with Fivestar Painting Plus, your trusted and reliable painting and remodeling experts! Why are you guaranteed a five star rating-worthy customer experience?

Here are some reasons why:

Fivestar Painting Plus has over 20 years of service and experience in the industry. We’ve handled all kinds of painting and remodeling projects from big to small and simple to complex. You can be assured that whatever project you request, we know more than a thing or two about how to complete it.

Fivestar Painting Plus has a mission of giving the best quality services at reasonable rates. Home improvement and remodeling don’t have to be overly expensive. You, as a homeowner might be thinking “I need a remodel,” but are still unable to find a company that will give you what you want. Look no further, Fivestar Painting Plus is here to serve you.

Fivestar Painting Plus makes customer experience a top priority. What you need, we do. And we do it well, and right the first time around.

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with more 20 years of
service and experience

Our team members have an extensive knowledge of painting and remodeling to ensure that your project is complete properly and on time.