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Reliable Handyman in Stockbridge, GA

“When was Fivestar Painting Plus established?”

Fivestar Painting Plus began as a painting contractor in Stockbridge, GA in 2002. We’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years, and we’ve come a long way from where we’ve begun.

“Why Fivestar?”

We’re happy that throughout those 15 years and more, we’ve been able to consistently provide a painting and remodeling service that garners a five star rating. Our company mission is to “provide the best quality painting and home remodeling at a reasonable price.”

"Where is your service area?”

We service folks from the Stockbridge, GA area and surrounding vicinities with interior, exterior, commercial and residential painting and remodeling needs with genuine hospitality, care, and concern as well as time-tested experience and professionalism.

“What makes you experts?”

The painters and service professionals of Fivestar Painting Plus worked hard to be where they are now. Through handling and finishing projects both big and small well, we’ve worked our way to the top.

Our painting and remodeling specialists also make it a point to stay on top of the industry by utilizing the latest technology and techniques. This, combined with more than 15 years of experience, results in a type of service that is worthy of the “Fivestar” name.

The professionals at Fivestar Painting Plus are more than just painters or home remodeling specialists—they’re problem solvers. Working hand in hand with the customer, we can come up with creative solutions to painting and remodeling projects, as well as solutions for homeowners and businesses to afford our services.

Choose Fivestar Painting Plus now and experience a five star client experience!

We’re your trusted, top choice for handyman services or painting. If you’re in need of a painting contractor in Stockbridge, GA, call us up now and have your needs as a customer put at first priority.

Our Mission

Our highest priority is to perform the best quality painting and home remodeling at a reasonable price.