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Painting and Remodeling

Our highest priority is to perform the best quality painting and home remodeling at a reasonable price. Painting is our passion but it is not our only area of expertise.

Painting and high quality paint products for your painting and home remodeling projects. Our team members have an extensive knowledge of painting and remodeling to ensure that your project is complete properly and on time. We offer interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial buildings. We warranty quality and high customer service. Have an insurance claim? we can help too.

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Our Services

The name “Fivestar Painting Plus” doesn’t come without dedication to providing the best kind of customer service we can provide. We specialize in painting, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t perform other services for your property.

Fivestar Painting Plus can handle your:

Siding. When you have us install good quality siding, you’re getting more than just the visual benefits and an added charm to the overall look of your house. You’re also getting better protection against the elements such as rain, snow, and hail. You also can enjoy better insulation and “house wrap,” which is a breathable coat to protect against moisture and drafts.

Carpentry. Good ‘ol carpentry. Who can’t admire a handsomely made woodworking project? Expert level carpentry gives a person structural integrity that will last them for the years to come. Carpentry has been around for ages now, and we at Fivestar Painting Plus have learned to appreciate the art. Hire us for your carpentry needs and you won’t be disappointed.

Roofing. The hard hat of a home. Your house’s roof does a lot for you even without you noticing. It shields those inside the building from harsh UV rays, heavy downpours, and the freezing hail or snow. Imagine all the things that could happen to you because you don’t have a solid roof over your head and the kinds of things that could easily get into your house. Don’t leave your roofing unattended, homeowners!

Gutters. A roofing system is only a complete system with a good gutter. We know how frustrating to have all sorts of gunk and dirt clogged up in your gutters, and even how more frustrating it is to get up there to clean things up and realize how much damage was actually done. Here at Fivestar Painting Plus, we take away that frustration from you. You’ll never have to worry about a sub-quality gutter system with our services.

Floors. How cozy is it to walk on fresh, clean, and even flooring? The feeling of “home” is only made better with the kind of floor that you aren’t afraid to sit or lie down on while chatting and spending quality time with loved ones. Get your floors done with Fivestar Painting Plus.



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Jose and his crew did a fantastic job on my garage walls and flooring. I’m a very please customer AAAA+++

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